The following descriptions present the stages that can be completed each day travelling clockwise from Salo to the Kimitoön Islands and then via Hanko and Ekenäs back to Salo. You can also start cycling the Coastal Route from Hanko, Ekenäs or the Kimitoön Islands. It is possible to cycle the route counter clockwise as well. The stages are suggestions - everyone can plan their own daily stages, and put together their own adventure.

Salo – Mathildedal Ironworks Village 29 km

Cycle through three historic mill villages and enjoy the forests and lakes along the nature trails of Teijo National Park.

Starting from Salo centre, the first stretch is 5 km of paved road through an urban area. Then you cycle on gravel/dirt roads through fields in an agricultural landscape. After about 11 km you can stop at Lehmijärvi for a swim at one of Salo's best swimming beaches!

The journey continues through a rolling landscape along a dirt road through the forest of Kirjakkala mill. Close to the sea, and the two lakes located at Kirjakkala, you will find the first routes leading to the forests of Tykö National Park. In the former housing and office facilities of the mills, the companies offer overnight accommodation

The journey continues for 4 km along a mainly tarmacked hilly road to Tykö mill village, where the beauty of the nature and the cultural-historical environment meet at Teijo farm. Here you will also find Finland's smallest stone church; the routes to the national park begin in the outskirts of the village. In the village, it is worth enjoying the range of products and services offered by the cafés, restaurants and village shops.

Continue cycling for 5 km along the tarmacked and undulating road to the mill village of Mathildedal. There you can leave your bike for a while and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of this artisan village. The village includes traditional red wooden buildings, factory buildings, history, shops, unique taste experiences, handicrafts, culture and life. It is not far from Mathildedal to the hiking trails and activities in Teijo National Park.



Mathildedal – Kimito 15 km

Cycle along the causeway to Strömma canal, where you can be amazed by the tide water phenomenon and then continue the journey to Kimito centre to enjoy the multifaceted services there and visit Sagalund a historic outdoor museum.

The route from Mathildedal along Hummelvägen passes through a residential area of holiday cottages and then changes to a sandy path through a hilly forest. After about 2.5 km the road becomes a smaller causeway , which can still be easily cycled. Cycle another few kilometres and you will reach the asphalted road Bjärnåvägen.

Turn right towards Kimito centre. You will then very quickly find yourself at Strömma canal, where you can enjoy an ice cream and ponder on a phenomenon which is not seen elsewhere in Finland - tidal water. A little further on from the canal you can take a dip in the sea at Gammelby beach, before continuing to the centre of Kimito.

Just before the centre you will reach a junction, where you can either continue along the Coastal route to Pederså or turn right towards Kimito centre and its impressive church. In the centre there are hotels, restaurants and cafés. Near the centre, you will also find Sagalund which is really worth a visit - it is one of the oldest and largest outdoor museums in Finland and a good location to take a little nostalgic journey back in time. In addition, Sagalund also has a garden and a children's culture centre - according to its founder Nils Oskar Jansson it is "a piece of poetry that became true".


Kimito - Dalsbruk 42 km

Cycle along quiet roads in an idyllic countryside landscape, explore the nature trails and the stone circles known as Jungfrudans (called a Maiden’s dance). Be delighted by the seaside village of Dalsbruk and its iron foundry/factory environment.

Cycle towards the meadows/ fields and village landscape of Pederså. The route is temporarily changed to a sand road that passes by wooden houses, forests and the coast until it again becomes an asphalted road after Vestlax. You can camp in the Vestlax Caravan area or continue to Brännboda's old elementary school, which offers delicious homemade lunches and accommodation.

The route continues towards Lammala, where you will find the village shop founded in 1896 and the shop's own museum on the upper floor. You can also visit both Västanfjärd's old and new churches, which are located next to each other and walk along the nature trail to the Maiden’s dance. The next opportunity for accommodation is at Bjärkas Golf, 4 km onwards from Lammala.

After Bjärkas Golf you turn towards Dalsbruk. Before arriving at the village, you can leave your bike at Senatsberget’s car park and walk along the nature trail up to the wind shelter at the top of the hill and the lookout tower -from where you can enjoy fantastically beautiful views.

Dalsbruk offers cafés, restaurants and shops, as well as accommodation- including everything from tent sites to hotels. You can get acquainted with the factory village in the Factory Museum and by going on a Bruksrundan ( the village’s cultural trail) you can even visit Honolulu, Siberia and Hollywood! All the nature and cultural trails start from the ruins of the old blast furnace close to the library. You can also rent Indian canoes for canoeing in the nearby lake or Frisbee golf discs to use on the Frisbee golf course.


Dalsbruk – Kasnäs 17 km

This leg of the journey offers sea views from the bike saddle. It pays to do a little longer route and take in a visit to Söderlångvik’s farm as well as the old idyllic pilot village of Högsåra.

Continuing from the centre of Dalsbruk go along the unpaved Sabbelsvägen road which leads to a residential area near the sea, called Hollywood. The route leads to Söderlångviksvägen at the lower end of Dragfjärd’s lake and the journey continues on asphalt.

When you arrive at the turning to Kasnäs, it is worth cycling a few more kilometres to visit the Söderlångvik Estate. The estates farm with its apple trees, nature trails, and the cafe offers much to look at - and today the estate’s main building serves as an art museum.

From the junction to Kasnäs, the journey continues for 13 km until you reach Kasnäs. Along the journey, you will cycle over the Lövö bridge – this is a very high bridge and the views of the archipelago are spectacular. About 3 km before Kasnäs, it pays to turn right to take the ferry to the old pilot village of Högsåra. You can also camp on the west coast of Högsåra island, at the Archipelago's National Park tent site.

In Kasnäs there is a spa hotel with a restaurant, a café, a shop and the spa also offers various treatments. The promontory of Kasnäs serves as a hub for the all the island ferries, and in the summer you can take special coast route boats to Hanko (Hangö), the fortified island of Örö, which is part of the Archipelago National Park, and to Bengtskär's lighthouse.

Sea Stage Kasnäs – Rosala – Hitis –Bengtskär – Hanko

The sea stage between Kasnäs and Hanko offers the cyclist a glimpse of island life, including visits to Rosala Vikingaby and the highest lighthouse in the Nordic region, Bengtskär. With a little luck, you will see sea eagles or grey seals during your boat journey. You can take your bicycle on board the tour boats and a fare is also charged on these boats that run during the summer months.

Check the schedules of the tour boats and book your trip in advance:

Kasnäs - Bengtskär | Bengtskär - Kasnäs and Kasnäs - Örö | Örö - Bengtskär

Bengtskär - Hanko or Hanko - Bengtskär

Kasnäs – Hanko

Option 1: Rosala Viking Village & Bengtskär, 0 km cycling

Take the tour boat in the morning from Kasnäs, visit the Rosala Viking Centre and continue to Bengtskär’s lighthouse. Change your boat at Bengtskär and you will then arrive in Hanko in the afternoon. It is also possible to spend the night in Bengtskär Lighthouse hotel.

Option 2: Hitis Archipelago Village, Rosala Viking Centre & Bengtskär, approx. 15 km of cycling

Take the connecting ferry Kasnäs-Långnäs and cycle to the archipelago village of Hitis. Visit the lovely church in Hitis and take a break at the cafes or buy food from the village shop. Continue to the other end of the island, the village of Rosala and visit the Rosala Viking Centre. In Rosala there is also the possibility of accommodation. Then continue the journey by tour boat to Bengtskär’s lighthouse and Hangö.

Hanko – Kasnäs or Örön fortress island

If you travel the coastal route clockwise, you can start from Hangö in the morning by taking the boat to Bengtskär's lighthouse. Change boats on Bengtskär and you will arrive in Kasnäs in the afternoon. You can also take a boat from Bengtskär to the fortress island of Örö!

Visit to Örö fortress island

Reserve a few extra days and make a boat excursion to one of the pearls of the Archipelago's National Park, Örö fortress. In addition to its cannons and a history of war, the island has two long nature trails, a restaurant, and accommodation in both tents and hotels. Book your boat trip either from Kasnäs or Bengtskär.

Book your trip in advance!

Hanko – Ekenäs 43 km

Let the sea breezes give you momentum as you pass by the highly-decorated villas and along the sea beaches of Hanko, enjoy the cool open sea and sandy beaches and immerse yourself in Hanko's fantastic nature and exciting war history.

Hanko town with its highly- decorated villas and boulevards attracts visitor’s to longer and shorter breaks and the sandy beaches appeal to sun worshippers. The route goes along the sea shore towards the picturesque Four Winds house, where you can have a well-deserved break with delicious pastries and breath taking views.

The route slowly turns inland until you arrive at the Soviet Memorial Monument that towers up among the pines. Take a detour to Långörsvägen; by cycling towards Kattrumpan you come to an outdoor art exhibition of Knutte Sandberg (1940-2004), with about ten works of art formed from tree stumps and sculptures constructed from pieces of wreckage.

Continue along Täktomvägen, which later turns into Tvärminnevägen. Along the way, there are several nature sites worth visiting: the wetlands at Täktom Airport, the protected area and nature trails at Högholmen, and Svanvik bird tower.

As you turn onto Koverharvägen you will find a memorial monument to the old steel mill. Continue towards Lappvik, where you will be able to wash off the dust in a swim from the beautiful beach. As you continue along the north side of Riksväg 25, you will be presented with a hefty portion of war history: the Irma Bunker, which is open to the public, the sensational Front Museum, the terrain of the powerful Harparskog line and Mannerheim's memorial stone.

Continue peddling through the collection of old farmhouses and wooden houses belonging to the community of Skogby sawmill and enjoy the delights of the café/restaurant Villa Kosthåll. Stop again even before you reach Ekenäs to take a walk in the imperial setting of Dagmar's park and refill your drinking bottle with fresh water sourced from the spring.

Ekenäs - Tenala 18 km

KWander around the old town of Ekenäs and along its narrow alleys and cycle to the historic church village of Tenala..

Enjoy the idyllic wood houses in the centre of Ekenäs and Finland's oldest pedestrian street Kungsgatan as well as all the services the harbour has to offer. For nature lovers, Ramsholmen's forest park is right next to the old town, and, on the way to Tenala, the nature area of Västerby has several wind shelters and nature trails.

The leg of the journey from Ekenäs to Tenala is tarmacked and part of it has a cycle path. Start cycling from the Northern Guest Harbour along Norra strandvägen and enjoy the last views of Ekenäs. Cycle under the railway tracks close to the seashore and then turn left and continue across the bridge to Kråkholmen. Cycle over the next bridge, and then under the main road and turn left towards Hanko.

After about 1.5km you turn right on Prästkullavägen which leads towards Prästkulla. The cycle path ends here and the route continues through quiet wooded areas and small villages. Continue for 10 km and then turn right onto Ingvalsbyvägen. Stop for a while in Prästkulla to enjoy the historic farm and if you are lucky the blacksmith will be there and then you can learn about his forge / see the forge in action.

Leaving Prästkulla turn right and after about 7 km you will then be on Bromarvvägen and on your way to Tenala. When you arrive at Tenala, you can stop and admire the beautiful medieval stone church and reward yourself with a taste of the local cheese at Friman’s department store - the village shop and dine at the restaurant Bakfickan.

Tenala – Mathildedal 47 km

Cycle on from Tenala through the pleasant rural area that leads to Tykö National Park and the delightful mill village of Mathildedal

It pays to buy food for the road from Tenala and refill water bottles there, because the section between Tenala and Mathildedal goes mainly along more remote smaller roads where there are no shops or services. Start cycling from the centre of Tenala and go past the church and the rectory along Sockenvägen along which you will also pass by the Local District museum and Tenala Dairy where the local cheese is made.

Cycle across the main road, be careful of the traffic, and cycle up the hill of Lillviksbacken. Take the bend to the left when you reach Kundsvägen (B 111) and then cross over the main road again when you once more reach the A 52, so that you can continue along Vikstrandsvägen. If at this stage, you want to refresh yourself with a swim then the beach at Vikstrand beach is very close.

Continue on Olsbölevägen and turn left when you reach the main road again. The traffic on the road is usually busy so ride carefully! After a few km, you turn left and enjoy a quieter road - Trollshovdavägen. After a while the asphalt road becomes dirt/gravel road.

The route goes through Malarby, where there was also a small mill at one time. After the village, the road name changes to Kvigosvägen. At this point, you have cycled 20 km of this leg of the journey. Continue cycling until you cross the river Bjärnå and then turn onto Laukantie. Continue on until you meet the road to Kimito and then turn left.

At Ylönkylä you can take an extra excursion to Särkisalo, going along many bridges, to Förby harbour and then all the way to Pettu. If you continue straight towards Mahtildedal, continue cycling and then turn off from the Kimito road onto Skoilavägen which will take you all the way to the mill/factory.